This is better than Social Media.

It Counters Criminal Uses of Social Media, and of its Policing, and of its Databases, and Worse, and as Criminal uses of its Stewards, et cetera, This as Actually Recorded Reality, as Well...


Anthony Wall, A.K.A. Romulus...

The Nature of Volume


Anthony Wall

                Volume has a nature.  And the identity of volume’s nature is self-generating.  Volume has an identity, in other words.  Just like all complete identities of value in a person’s body are semi-nature relationships to the person’s complete identity; all complete identities of value discernible are simultaneously unceasing semi-nature relationships to the only semi-nature that is also positive onto itself all ways, and not denying any exceptions.  It is a/the nature of truth that is true all ways, and as all exceptions, per science actually as value progression perfect.  This exception nature is in demonstration to us, and of how to think.  This is logic’s proper course.  I’m not even a doctor.  We’ll examine how easily they were/are recorded maintained criminally foreign influenced, and delusions wrought since before the births of the founding of modern nations.  Our founders’s course was/is stolen, and with their identities, and in our faces, and all as roles, and how.  Psychology has been criminally foreign influenced, and has been delusions wrought since before our founders births, note, entrenched here with, and as a/the breaching organized crime roles most insidiously private in collusion with the branches, and with the campuses left valued criminally foreign influenced, delusions wrought, and exploited as natures pretending other.  Note “criminal insidiousness” as pseudo-positive natures valuing that pretended as actual positive, and valuing the identities of actual positive all ways, and not denying exceptions, valuing such integrity stolen, and only let remembered stolen since semi-ancient times.  Convictions fail.  Campus Marcius returns now: all hail.  Attend to gain.  Campus Marcius calls you home to train.  Call lost and found.  Some claim the name.  One way alone evolves, but feels like game.  Who’ll Train?

There is the phenomenon of a/the exception nature’s demonstration/s to us effectively valued obfuscated since semi-ancient times.  And this causes/caused negative value nature progressions in demonstration of it since semi-ancient times, as Lethe of Hades.  This just reminds; we play to seize.  Campus Marcius calls you through the breeze.  Science reveals also that, and reveals how, this ancient Republic is only our nature’s value also positive onto/as our value’s value gain here when it was/is led by this exception nature as value, and as itself, simultaneously distinctly, and non-distinctly, and sequentially, as value as nature.  Heaven and Hell were first revealed as terms of science to teach this.  And this is about how the sciences share an identity.  Lost course returns.  This value’s source is surging through/as all things alone, note force.  Who learns?  It is about how we are a/the gaining nature of volume.  And it is about how our nature of volume has a positive, or has a negative value as nature/value’s nature’s perfect value progression relationship to ourselves this way, a gaining nature of volume in demonstration of it.

Not just life, but the value of life, and the simultaneously gaining value of death is in demonstration of how we are a quality of diffusion/Diffusion, as a/the forever nature.  This is how we are a (a) nature of volume, and is how we are the (the) nature of volume distinctly, non-distinctly, simultaneously, and as the value of that to us, and as the value of that further.  All things connect.  The timeless calls you back from retrospect.  Life is our nature’s positive, or negative relationship to itself as this (+++), and so as more, and as more positive (+), or negative identity nature (-), as forever nature, as ourselves, as a/the gaining nature of volume.  And for this way alone, together, unfathomed means appear.  Campus Marcius calls you home; prepare.  Religions, and like each of the sciences, they were/are effectively maintained valued as fact treatment nature quality of convictions, and of opinions that can’t defend themselves without valuing the identity thefts of others, and without valuing sequence shifts, and without valuing and being natures that can’t afford correlation nature’s simultaneously inherent, active, and progressive means with free speech.

Campus Marcius is also here announcing the creation of a/the Nature Network/s.  Social media is platforms standing are like the first arcade games compared to the ones of today.  The Campus Marcius, and ancientgamingsystem uses an drawn office/home/areas user interface, and interfacing system/s bonded.  One difference, for example, is that/how we use this value progression system perfect for the resolution of disputes, and such tied to social interactions.  Social media is recorded, and is confessed, and is demonstrated having been used for inter-nation war crimes, and crimes with overt criminal enterprises, and with recorded effectively easily maintained criminally foreign influenced states, areas, and inter-campuses relationships.  In fact, this was/is from before the ground of education, and was/is simultaneously having been, and being maintained on/off all natures of campuses and of fact treatment nature value in layers maintained, each age of fact treatment nature, effectively maintained self-valuing the correlation nature’s simultaneously inherent, active, and progressive means obfuscated, and worse.

Once it can be afforded; will have completed already designed uses of the office system/social interaction method capable of countering the criminal uses of America’s social and formal interactions left self-valued criminally foreign influenced and delusions wrought since founding, pounding drums.  So the main nature interaction user interface page/counter-social networking rackets main page is an office.  This will be/is designed to help people organize what was/is outside of our immediate online platforms.  For example, there will be a desk, and having buttons to interact with databases connected to the draws, and so that users/players can stay organized personally, and through their interactions with the players/nature actors owned campuses, and value of their projects/homework.

For example, there will be options to, and means to use the office personally by everyone.  And it is also for people to stay organized with their interactions with how this was/is cartoon leaders trained, organized, and revealed to/as means unfathomed.  For example, virtual cities will be set up in conjunction with the actual cities of our nations.  And so players/nature actors can leave their main office interface, and attend campus locations, and shared briefing/s on the game’s value gains, et cetera.  The players/nature actors will also be able to interact with other players/nature actors through the virtual cities and mapped locations that can be traveled to, and then interacted in relationship to.

                This is a link to the cartoon leaders of the Nature acting social networking criminality countering platform partially explaining it.  When players/nature actors leave the location of their office/room, then, they have also a means to press a button to send things back from other parts of the cartoon value nature system.  Value nature is inside value’s nature; attend.  Campus Marcius calls you home again; attend; attend.  This is also of/as a design that is capable of revealing how forsaken Native American rights and value as nature is to the forsaken means, nature, and value/s of our areas, and of our states, and of each science/thing.  Prepare for spring.  Campus Marcius calls you home.  Box sing: the sciences share an/the identity.  They share it individually, grouped, together, sequentially, progressively, and as identity nature’s actual forever nature’s value’s course.  All drop the force: box sings.  It tells us things.

Nature - Nature Acting







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