The Alphabet’s Value

By Anthony Wall, A.K.A. Romulus


            English is about the identity of volume.  It demonstrably has one.  Each identity of value is a/the nature of volume.  Each discernible identity of value, and even grouped, and even all together, even all identities of value/value progression at the same time are simultaneously only semi-nature relationships to an even bigger, and to an even smaller identity.  This identity of value progression perfect, too, it is also as the same identity simultaneously bonded to, and as the simultaneously unceasing and increasing as the value of our fact treatment nature.  As an identity of value, our fact treatment nature, humanity, it is therefore so as the identity of each volume at once.  Logic is about a/the nature of volume.  It is bigger than infinity.  I’m not a doctor.  We’ll examine recorded physical delusions inter-sciences, and examining missed evidences fabrication racket/s, means to them formally, and other, and means by them formally, private, and other and overt criminal enterprises since the founding of/as each modern nation, not by accident, self-valuing this only allowed blamed on other causes than were/are actual, and/or on others, and/or yet on selves.  Our history stands stole, and in our face, attend.  Campus Marcius/Campus Martius calls you home again.

            A semi-ancient archetypal “criminal enterprise” stole us from this course; humanity.  This stole us from valuing how, and why our nature is individual, grouped, sexes, and species nature of volume bonded (+++).  Each individual is simultaneously individual nature of volume, grouped nature of volume, and species nature of volume (+++).  This is what temporary positive looks like.  “Criminal insidiousness” natures, for example, note, however, that is temporary positive as negative value nature.  Negative is a semi-nature of its complete identity; which is positive’s identity, and as each identity’s course.  And so here box sings.  It tell you things; behold.  Since semi-ancient times; what has been defended as “practical reason” remains recorded actually criminally foreign influenced, and delusions wrought.  It is necessary also to understand how all were/are engineered victim predator roles valuing systems of value progression tactically ulterior from the one that causes positive value nature progressions, acts, and natures, and with the ground not as a valued exploited for this.  And there is no neutrality of worth, but for this to see, discern.  Campus Marcius calls you home: please learn.

            Even infinity is an unceasing semi-nature, and semi-nature relationship to the only complete nature’s semi-natures, and to its complete nature simultaneously distinctly and non-distinctly.  By Anthony Wall, A.K.A. A.K.A. Romulus and/or Autocrator.  Each of the sciences was/is affected human fact treatment nature organized crime method maintained self-valued delusions wrought, criminally foreign influenced, and worse.  Also see Anthony Wall’s youtube channel on Algebraic Consciousness at and please subscribing.  It’s easy to subscribe by clicking the red button on the bottom right of youtube videos.  Anthony Wall is great for the value of all youtubers, and of youtube itself.  Here's a site on Inflation Theory, and on Volume Theory:  It explains how formal uses of this phrase/value, and on this theory, how they were/are involved with fact treatment nature rackets really as databases rackets, and/or as tied evidences rackets originally, and still as states, and as areas effectively maintained criminally foreign influenced, and that effectively maintained self-valued.

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